• Fear Only Exists In The Mind


Fear… It takes a thought to be afraid.  And we can change our thoughts.  Challenge those fears that you want to get rid of.  For example, there was a time where public speaking made me very nervous.  I would get tongue-tied and not know what to say.  I challenged this fear by telling myself that I had some great ideas to share and with some preparation I would do well. With time and practice, I’ve gotten much less fearful in this type of situation.

Steve Chandler in Fearless says “So whenever I find a fear underneath something, I want to write the thought down behind that fear.  I want to challenge the thought, and challenge it, and challenge it, as if I were an attorney in a very important case – challenging a witness.  Because that thought is going to turn out to not be true.  Try it and you’ll find this out.”

As an introvert with a wild imagination, it’s easy to let unfounded fear get the best of us – to paralyze us, and keep us from success. It can be hard to identify the thoughts that are causing these fears and change the way you think about them. It’s hard.  But not impossible. Start challenging your fears, and as you do, you will find you can change your life!


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