• A Beautiful Mind


I recently met with a computer programmer.  I noticed that his office walls were bare with no pictures, and yet he had been with his company many years.

Many would look at this and could judge that he is “boring.”  The truth probably is that he doesn’t give it much thought because the action is in his active imagination.  His thoughts are turned inward and he is solving complex computer problems with much creativity.

Many introverts do not find it as important as extroverts to “decorate” and interact their living/working space, as they are often dealing with their interior space in their mind.

Lessons here… If you’re an introvert who’s not into interior decorating, it’s OK, but you might consider adding a few things to the office that can help people know the real you a little more – pictures, personal interest items, etc. It will give those co-workers or visitors a little insight into what’s inside.

And if you’re wondering why that person in the cubicle next to you has no decorations at all, don’t judge. You’ll just have to imagine what it looks like where he or she really lives: inside that beautiful mind!


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