• Challenges With Introvert-to-Introvert Communication

Introvert-to-introvert communication can sometimes be strained.

I had a great one-on-one meeting with a fellow introvert today.  We were working on a project together and had some great back and forth discussion.  He needed some time here and there throughout the discussion to make some detailed notes and this was perfectly fine with me.  While he made notes, I simply did something else until he was ready to start our discussion again.  Neither one of us was bothered by the silence.  We were able to accomplish some good work and I enjoyed our time together.

Often introverts do build relationships best by working on projects together, but on a work team this may not always happen.  This made me think of some other situations and encounters where the introvert-to-introvert conversation was more difficult or the relationship was harder to build in my past experience.  For example, if you have two introverts that both dread small talk, what are the chances that they will take the time to do to enjoy some small talk with each other discussing their weekend or whatever?  If they both keep to themselves who will instigate this? In introvert-to-extrovert relationships, the extrovert often takes the lead in opening up the dialog. But in introvert-to-introvert relationships, someone may have to take the lead. As an introvert, are you making sure that you regularly building relationships with both introverted and extroverted colleagues?

This is a good case for the need for many more discussions on introversion/extroversion to happen within our organizations, on our work teams, individually, and in society as a whole.  I have recently been talking about individual differences with others and that it is good to have a diverse team in many ways. But more appreciation and understanding of differences such as introversion/extroversion are still needed.

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