• Make Appointments With Your Introverted Self


I live a busy life at work with far too many meetings.  With all these meetings, I get more and more work to do, but have less time to accomplish work because of the time spent participating in the meetings. It seems to be a never-ending cycle!

Steve Chandler in Fearless discusses how important it is to actually make appointments with yourself.  We always make time for others, but rarely give ourselves the same courtesy. Chandler explains the problem when we don’t make time for ourselves:

“Because you don’t have any time blocked out for yourself.  No time to meet with yourself for your own planning.  Or exercise.  Or for meditation or contemplative prayer.  No time in your planner for you to be in solitude.  To just go alone into the silence so you can create.” tweet

It is very important to be part of the team and I actually enjoy collaborating with others. However, as an introvert, I do need time alone each week to think, and also, as Chandler describes, to take care of myself.  Don’t feel guilty about needing this time for you.  It will make you a better person and more able to effectively serve others.


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