• Were you an introvert?
I heard someone ask the question “Were you an introvert in high school?”  And it was asked in a derogatory way, as if there was something wrong with that.
Of course, this may have been the wrong question.  It lacks understanding of what introversion is and implies that it is something that can be changed.  They probably were really asking, “Were you shy in high school?”
Introversion does not mean being shy.  Both introverts and extroverts can be shy.
Also, introversion and extroversion are traits we are born with, not something we can choose or change.  If these traits are not understood, they can cause problems.  For example, if you are an introvert who usually thinks before speaking and you are conversing with someone who is talking non-stop because they are speaking in order to think, you may have a conflict.  In this example, you can not choose to not think before speaking; it is part of how you are made.
But understanding how each of us is wired allows us to find and focus on our strengths.  I am an introvert and I think deeply.  With this deep thinking, one of my strengths is to be able to analyze what is going on around me, see connections, and come up with ideas on how to make things better. My introversion makes me STRONG.

Our individual strengths are also hard-wired within each of us, so it’s difficult to try to excel at a strength we do not have to be something we are not. But as we focus on our own unique talents – the strengths we DO have, we can learn to use our gifts and become strong in our own way.  So the Quiet can be Strong.

Where are you strong?

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