• Avoiding Overwhelm


When it comes to getting work done, it is especially important for introverts to be able to have time to think about the things that need to get done. As I think, I also come up with new ideas, which end up creating far more projects than I could ever accomplish.  I was feeling particularly overwhelmed today with too many things to do and not enough time to think through anything.  I had to take a moment and process my “stuff” as David Allen calls it in Getting Things Done.

I used the process outlined in Allen’s book for organizing work load. For each item on my to-do list, I needed to look at it and decide if it was actionable.  If no, then do one of the following: either trash it, add it to a someday/maybe list, or store it as reference material.

If it is actionable, then I need to decide if I should do it now.  Allen has a rule that if if can be done in two minutes or less, then do it now.  Or you can delegate it and put it on a waiting for list for later follow up.  Or you can defer it and add it to a calendar with a next action for it.

There was a point today where I was feeling paralyzed by the number of things I needed to do.  This can be a dangerous place to be in getting nothing done.  So instead of being overwhelmed, I stepped back and got my stuff organized.

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