• Facebook and Introverts


Is Facebook behavior different for introverts?  I know it is for me in at least a couple of ways.

In real life, as an introvert, I prefer a close knit group of friends — and this holds true for Facebook as well.  I have a relatively small group of Facebook Friends compared to some others I see.  Also, I am likely to want to know a person well before I “friend” them.  I know some people friend acquaintances and even strangers.  Strangers and acquaintances try to “friend” me.  I usually accept the “acquaintances”, but not the strangers.

Introverts like to think and then speak, so of course Facebook allows for this, whether I am posting something or commenting on a post.  I still am more likely to “like” things, than to make a ton of comments.

I am not the best at sharing personal information or building relationships.  But posting a recent camping trip or my son’s basketball game allowed me to easily share a little about my life.  I can also learn about others more easily.  When I am talking with friends in real life, the conversation is already started.  They might say, “where did you go camping?” or “how is your son’s team doing?”  Or I can ask them about details I saw in their posts.

I am not a heavy Facebook user, but it has been nice to keep up with family and friends. It is a bit strange, the mix of family, friends, long lost friends and relatives, work friends, acquaintances, and strangers, that Facebook brings together.  There are things I may want to share with all of them, or some things that I may only want to share with certain friends.  I suppose I could experiment with groups, but I have not done this yet.

My wife, who is also an introvert, says she mostly makes posts and comments in her head, which somewhat defeats the purpose. But she’s at least learning to push the actual “like” button from time to time.  And some introverts put a lot more on Facebook than they might tell you in real life, so you can have a little insight into your introverted friends as well.

I was resistant to using Facebook for a long time.  And I still would never post what I ate for dinner, or how long I spent at the gym. But, I am enjoying social media as a way to interact — in my own introverted way — that brings me closer to the people in my life and helps me be a part of their lives as well.

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