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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

It is estimated that introverts make up at least half of the population and maybe even slightly more than half.  I sometimes hear people try to generalize that introverts are all alike, but this is ridiculous to think that half of the population is exactly alike.  Introversion and extroversion make up a facet of our personality, but there is much more to us.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I asked my wife to review my post on changing thoughts.  The point of my post was that we can change our negative thoughts and I used the anxiety I experience when I travel as an example.  My wife, on the other hand, took it as an article on travel as an introvert, but this was not my point.  I used an example that hopefully people would be able to generalize to other negative thoughts they may be having trouble with.  I like to try to give people something to think about and let them come up with their own solutions.  My wife would like to package everything into a set of steps and solutions.  This is fine sometimes, but I don’t feel the need to do this every time.  We are both introverts, but we sometimes look at things very differently.

I know there are so many different types of introverts that I don’t think that everyone will relate to every thought or story, but I hope that everyone can take each thought or story and apply it to their own personality and situation.

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