• What Are Your Introverted Strengths? PLEASE COMMENT


I have written over a hundred blog posts as of this week.  If you have been following this blog, you probably see I am a big believer that introversion is a natural way of being, not a weakness, and that we also have strengths that come from being an introvert.  I get frustrated when people try to put introverts neatly in a box.  We definitely have some common ground, but introverts are not all alike.

I have learned to embrace my introversion and also discover and celebrate my strengths.  One example would be that when working on a project, I am able to see the big picture in my head and also envision how all of the pieces fall into place.

Now, not all introverts have this exact talent.  There are many talents that others have because of their introversion that I do not possess.  My introverted wife is a gifted graphic designer and photographer.  She can create amazing images and take beautiful pictures in a way I never could.

I would really, really like to hear from you other introverts out there about what makes you STRONG.  What is a top strength you possess because of your introversion? It is crucial that we learn to understand, appreciate, and celebrate each others differences, even among our fellow introverts.  I know that you may not be someone that does a lot of commenting, but please consider it now to help move the introverted strengths conversation forward.  My introverted wife has a joke that she comments a lot on blogs and Facebook, but only in her mind.

Please share your comment here and let’s really get the conversation going. Tell the world what makes you strong.

3 thoughts on “What Are Your Introverted Strengths? PLEASE COMMENT

  1. Holly

    I spend a lot of time in my head, and am not always super-confident when I’m talking to others. But my strength is in writing. Where I sometimes have a hard time expressing myself with my voice, when I’m able to write I can share my thoughts and opinions quite eloquently.

  2. Dawn

    Because I think a lot, I think about what other people might be feeling, especially if they are having a rough time. For me, this helps me have a lot of empathy and makes me more caring – so I’m able to do some good for those I care about, instead of just thinking about it. I think that is what makes me strong.

  3. Maggie

    I love organizing events and activities. I generally worked with a team to put together events. I liked to have someone else in charge of the people-contacting (asking for volunteers & helpings, borrowing items, getting permissions, etc.) but I LOVED putting together the details of the event to make sure everyone had what they need (maps, schedules), putting together teams & groups, and generally putting the whole thing together – as I could see it in my head. Using my skills to put together successful events always makes me feel strong.


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