• Choose Not To Be Overwhelmed
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Recently a friend has been stressed with the amount of work he has to do, “The emails never end, these deadlines are too tight, and there is no way to get all of my work done.”  Listening to him starts stressing me out.  However, I could say the same about my work.  I also have an endless amount of work and though I am better organized and work smarter than I used to be, I still can’t do it all.  The difference is I have learned to change the messages and stories I tell myself.

In Time Warrior, Steve Chandler says, “When we imagine (perceive) that we are overwhelmed by outside events (or options, or tough choices, or situations, or ways of making money, etc.) it is an illusion, because the brain doesn’t even function that way.  Only a thought believed can produce a feeling of overwhelm.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed, what are the thoughts you are having?  Can you change your thoughts?  I have an undoable amount of work and could easily get overwhelmed, but I choose to be realistic about the tasks before me.  I get organized, prioritize, but in the end, I can only do the task at hand, so getting overwhelmed really only slows me down. By changing the messages I send myself, I spend less time being worried about what I can’t get done, and more time doing what I can.  I still can’t get everything done, but I am much more successful when I choose not to be overwhelmed.

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