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Quiet Confidence

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Lack of confidence can be either an introverted or an extroverted issue.  People often associate confidence with extroversion, but many introverts also have a great deal of confidence. Unfortunately, many introverts also experience a lack of confidence, particularly in social situations.

As an introvert, I have struggled with confidence myself at various times in my life.  I attribute some of my lack of confidence to not understanding myself and my introversion.  From personal experience, I know it can be torture for the introvert when they lack confidence, whether in social situations where they must interact with a group, or explaining why they need time alone. I know that we can become more confident and enjoy doing the things we want to do.

On pickyourbrain.com there is a great article titled 3 Self-Confidence Secrets To Instantly Stop Feeling Inferior:

Here are the 3 secrets:

Gain Self-Confidence By Being Your Self

You will always be a poor imitation of anyone else. Stop hankering after being someone you’re not. Be yourself. Be unique.

Know That Inferiority Is A Choice. So Is Equality

Stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on your own ideals when measuring your strengths and weaknesses. We are all as valid as each other in our own way.

Take Yourself Out Of The Equation

Take yourself out of the equation. Focus on the other person, and see what imperfections they reveal. You’ll find a vulnerable human being, just like you.

I have learned all of these things for myself.  Confidence comes from knowing who you are and being your best.  Confidence comes from knowing that no one else is better than you.  And confidence comes when you stop focusing on yourself and realize that everyone has greatness and everyone has vulnerabilities.  It takes time and practice to change the way you view yourself and your situation, but with each small success, you’ll become more self-assured and see your unique value.  Learn to be confident, and you will be strong!

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