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Fireworks image courtesy of Patrizia Shciozzi/Freeimages.com

Fireworks image courtesy of Patrizia Shciozzi/Freeimages.com

Ringing in the new year gives us a chance to reflect on who we are, re-evaluate where we are going, and reset our goals and objectives as we chart our course for the new year. With this renewed energy, it’s easy to come up with a long list of impressive goals that will “remake” us into whomever it is we think we should be. However, it can be much more difficult, frustrating, and self-defeating to actually follow through on those goals if we are trying to work against our nature, instead of building on our strengths.

I set goals every year.  Some years, I’ve failed miserably. But I’ve learned that when I understand who I am and work with my own unique gifts in figuring out how to achieve those goals, I realize much greater success.  I believe you can achieve most anything you set your mind to, but your odds of succeeding increase exponentially when you have a plan to accomplish your goal that takes your own strengths into consideration.

As I look forward to 2017, I am going to remember the following needs and strengths for myself as I set my goals for the year:

I am only strong when I understand who I am and what I need.

Quiet does not mean shy.  Quiet for me means thinking before speaking, taking time to reflect, and getting lost in deep thought from time to time. Quiet is a gift.

I usually need to think before speaking.

I need to let people know when I need time to think.

I need to set aside some alone time each day whether at home or work for reflection and recharge.

I need to act according to my values and not worry what people think.

There are some things about myself that I cannot change, such as the way I spend time thinking in my head, but there are many things I CAN change, such as my thoughts around irrational fears.

I can engage in small talk when I want to or need to, but it is fine if I avoid some.

It takes work to deepen the close relationships I have, and it is worth it.

I need to work to make connections with everyone in my life.

I need to prepare for presentations and meetings as appropriate to minimize on-the-spot time to think.

I need to remember to make my intentions, plans, and vision known to others and not assume they understand what is so clear in my head.

I am a master at reflection and can use this ability to be better each day.  I benefit greatly by reading the words of others and reflecting on them.

I need to let my voice be heard, whether in person or through writing.

I need to strive to have focus as I work on important and meaningful projects.  Multitasking is not usually effective for me.

I remember that everyone has great gifts, including me.  I will be my very best and only compare to myself and not others.

I will dream big and act on my dreams.  Why not me?

As I am thinking of what I want to accomplish in 2017, I will remember these points.  Success comes in our daily actions and I need to keep these thoughts with me as I plan my days, weeks, and the year.  Some of the above you may not relate to.  What would you add? What makes you strong?  Remember your own strengths and take the action that is needed every day to accomplish your amazing goals – both big and small – this year.

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