I love that there is a day to celebrate what is great about introversion and being an introvert.  When I was growing up there was not such a day and there was no discussion about individual strengths and needs by personality type.  I have always been a deep thinker and at times not sure if this was a blessing or a curse. I have also had an inner push towards excellence but was not always sure how to overcome what I perceived as weaknesses. Through these years of struggle, I have had many epiphanies and have come to understand myself and my capabilities. I am an introvert and have many great strengths and also needs to be aware of.  My goal in writing is to make the needs of an introvert normal, understood, and accepted.  I also want introvert strengths known and celebrated.

Please keep in mind that not all introverts are alike. Some introverts may have a strength for seeing the big picture, while others may excel at working with the details. Some introverts may be very logical and analytical, while others may be more in touch with their feelings and the feelings of others. Some introverts may be very organized and scheduled, while others may be more flexible and spontaneous. This list could go on.  I have come up with a few things that seem common to most introverts or extroverts. I also want to be clear that introversion and extroversion are not good or bad, but rather come to us very naturally.  If you understand how you operate you can be your best and be strong.  You can also get the best from others by understanding them.

Understanding the above has been life-changing for me.  For example, I am naturally drawn into my inner world of ideas. Maybe more than most, but not as much as some. One strength as I have is a wonderful imagination and I am very good at thinking through problems.

Also, introversion isn’t limiting if you understand yourself.  I never have liked small talk and would prefer pondering the mysteries of the universe.  I was very bad at making small talk.  But by understanding my preferences and how I operate I am much better at small talk than I used to be. I have learned that I can be strong, but in a way that I am true to myself and not trying to act like someone I am not.

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