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Category: Anxiety

The quiet and strong podcast with Tracy Guillott, discusses anxiety and social anxiety in teens and adults.

Ep 54 – Introverts, Anxiety, and Social Anxiety with Tracy Guillet

Have you ever experienced anxiety or do you know someone who suffers from anxiety? Tracy Guillet is an
Introverts embrace their introverted gifts and strengths unapologetically, prioritizing self-care.

Never Apologize for Being an Introvert

Recently, I was talking to a friend and he said, “most people don’t know this, but I’m actually
The quiet podcast episode 46 featuring Brenda Kowles is also strong.

Ep 46 – Relationships with Introverts and Highly Sensitive Individuals with Brenda Knowles

Do you struggle with your relationships, either as an introvert or as an extrovert in a relationship with
A quiet and strong podcast episode featuring guest Sophie Morris, perfect for introverted teens and parents.

Ep. 42 – Introverted Teens and Their Parents with guest Sophie Morris

When you don't understand your introversion, you can feel broken, isolated, and alone — especially if you are
An introverted airplane soars through a cloudy sky.

Introverts, Anxiety, and Airports

I am not afraid of flying, but I am afraid of airports.  I suppose “afraid” is not the