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Inbox Zero

As an introvert, email is usually my preferred method of communication.  I can think before I respond and the record of the discussion can be retrieved later. However, I do think we all may be a little too accessible by email.  It is easy to find and reach out to just about anyone.  I find it impossible […]

The Myth of Multitasking

Image courtesy of Piotr Bizior, Bizior Photography I know people that are very proud of their ability to multitask.  However, as an introvert, multitasking does not work well for me.  I find that I work best and am most efficient when I can focus on one project at a time. The truth is that everyone […]

Can’t Wait Until Friday?

Happy Friday Everyone! I am thinking today of those times that I have heard or said “I can’t wait until Friday” or “Glad its Friday” or “I hate Mondays”. I am so happy to say that I no longer feel this way.  I love the work I am doing and do not dread it each […]

Educational and Career Goals

I changed my university major at least three times.  I was going to be an engineer because I was good at math, and then I thought I’d be a computer scientist because I knew they made great money.  I finally settled on Psychology, because of a great desire to help others and myself along the way.  […]