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Introversion – Nature vs Nurture

I was listening to a podcast on introversion this week and the subject of “nature versus nurture” came up.  The two psychologists were discussing this, and neither seemed to be sure if introversion was caused by nature or nurture. Here are a couple quick definitions from About Health: Nature refers to all of the genes […]

Introversion – Not that there is anything wrong with that

Last week my wife’s sister read my article “A Coupon for Your Favorite Introvert”. In the article I talk about my introverted wife  and my extroverted daughter.  After reading it, my sister-in-law texted my wife: “I always thought you were an extrovert, not that there’s anything wrong with being an introvert.” I haven’t spoken to […]

I am NOT “Pretending” to be an Extrovert

When I was young, I loved to pretend. Imagining I was a superhero or a cowboy or a space alien helped me explore who I was and who I wanted to become. As an adult, and as an introvert, I have also done my fair share of pretending to be something other than who I […]

Energized by people?

I had the best time this past weekend. I spent the afternoon hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world, my siblings. As an introvert, I have said that all people don’t drain me, just certain people and situations do. In this case I was not drained, but quite the opposite I […]

You Know What You Like

I went out to breakfast with a friend this week. We hadn’t been to this particular restaurant before, so while we were being seated, my friend asked our server, “What’s good?” The server proceeded to tell us her top three choices. As she left, I gave my friend a hard time, asking “how does this […]

The Examined Life…

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I probably first heard this quote in college over 20 years ago and it has always resonated with me.  As an introvert, I have always been very reflective and have examined and re-examined my life, which has usually resulted in improvements and a better life. However, […]

Introverts DO Like People

I was reading a great book on success this week.  It was full of stories of people who had overcome great challenges and I was finding it very inspiring.  And then I almost put it down for good.  The author briefly mentioned extroversion and introversion.  He stated something to the effect that extroverts like to […]

Embrace Your Introversion

I was doing some research this week on improving this website.  I want it to be easy to navigate and hopefully help people find the inspiration they are seeking, so I’m always working to improve I stumbled across PEEK and was offered a free user test of my website.  I signed up and a relatively […]

Don’t Label, But Understand

  Introversion is still so misunderstood and I don’t think the term “introvert” is always helpful.  In studying, and just observing day-to-day interactions, I often hear and read things like: “He is a total introvert”… when they really mean he is shy. “I am a little bit of both”… as if to apologize for the […]

Preparing For The Unfamiliar

I was driving my wife downtown to help her set up a booth at an event she was doing for her company.  She turned to me and let me know she was glad I was driving.  She said that she had not been downtown much and did not know her way around. I on the […]