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Don’t Judge

Have you ever been judged wrongfully?  Maybe your actions or lack of actions made someone feel that you were selfish or uncaring.  Maybe a decision you made was misunderstood.  Or maybe people don’t understand your intentions at all. It seems this may be an even bigger problem for introverts.  Introverts naturally process thoughts and ideas […]

Let’s Talk About It…

I had a great week celebrating Thanksgiving with family.  Along with the turkey and pie, I really enjoyed just hanging out and having some good conversation.  At one point, a group of us starting talking about introversion and extraversion and the misunderstandings that surround these different personality types.  I found it interesting that people rarely […]

Balance of Quiet

I spent another Saturday in the office.  The office was closed, so I was all alone and it was nice and quiet.  I have had a project to put together that was very important, but in my day-to-day work, there always seemed to be more pressing matters.  I have been in on many Saturdays (against […]

The Dreaded Telephone 2

I wrote previously in The Dreaded Telephone article, that I would prefer to text or email or even have a face to face conversation rather than talk on the phone.  I really didn’t like talking on the phone when I was younger, but now as an adult, I have mostly overcome that anxiety and do […]

Introverts and Writer’s Block

  Sometimes, when I’m working on ideas for blog articles, I find myself experiencing a bit of writer’s block.  As an introvert, I think and I think a lot.  But it’s not always easy to put all of my thoughts into words.  Writing this blog and and the preparation involved has been an excellent way […]

Appreciating Others

Does being an introvert have anything to do with giving appreciation?  I’m not sure, but I do know as an introvert I think far more than I ever say. And while I haven’t always been forthcoming with appreciation of others, I also know that I have often felt unappreciated or at least underappreciated myself. But […]

Are Introverts Good Listeners?

I hear some assert that introverts make great listeners.  I think this may be too much of a generalization; after all, not all introverts are alike. I think that I am a good listener most of the time.  I want to get to know people better and understand their needs.  I want to get the […]

You have the right to edit your previous conversations

I believe that you can become better at small talk, carrying on conversations, and being prepared for important conversations.  I know this is true for me.  However, as an introvert with the need to normally think before speaking, I know I will probably never be perfect in these areas.  The other day I was having […]

Sharing my thoughts more with others

I have been misunderstood by many for most of my life.  Much of the ranting and raving I do is inside my head where no one can see.  I have always assumed that people know how I feel and where I stand, but I have been realizing recently that this is not the case. While the […]

Preparation is Key

I believe that one of the keys to strength as an introvert is preparation. An introvert goes deep in thought and, given time, can come up with some brilliant ideas.  That is not to say that they cannot come up with great ideas on the fly, because they can.  I just know from experience that […]