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Hold Your Ground in Conversations

Often in conversations or meetings, as introverts we need time to think.  Sometimes our silence while thinking is misinterpreted that we don’t have anything to say.  In her book, Introvert Power, Dr. Laurie Helgoe says in these situations we must “hold our ground”. Dr. Helgoe says: “While the introvert is reflecting on the question (thinking […]

Emails, Introverts, and Extroverts

As an introvert, my preferred method of communication is in writing.  I do a lot of emailing, texting, and instant messaging.  I like to think first and then communicate, so these methods work well most of the time. Sometimes it is easier, faster, or better in certain situations to pick up the phone or go […]

Slow It Down a Little

  It’s often said that introverts prefer a small circle of close friends.  I find this to be true for me.  I definitely do like to know a few people very well and be known well by them.  I enjoy being with those who “get me” and as a result, we are able to engage in […]

Fake It ’til You Make It?

  I’m getting tired of reading or hearing people say that sometimes they “fake” being an extrovert. I actually think this is harmful as this is suggesting that extroverts can do things that introverts can’t. I also hear people say “well, I’m both an introvert and an extrovert” as if it’s some kind of safe […]

Be Vulnerable to Be Strong

Often it is difficult to share our weaknesses with others as it can make us feel very vulnerable.  However, I have found it to be worthwhile to open up about myself if it helps another. A while back, I had the opportunity to facilitate a series of workshops on strengths.  I knew the co-facilitator of […]

Challenges With Introvert-to-Introvert Communication

I had a great one-on-one meeting with a fellow introvert today.  We were working on a project together and had some great back and forth discussion.  He needed some time here and there throughout the discussion to make some detailed notes and this was perfectly fine with me.  While he made notes, I simply did something else […]

Shut Up and Listen

A guest post by Mrs. Quiet-and-Strong The other day, I was talking on the phone with a client and I had an interesting experience. The man I was speaking with was a pastor by trade so he was likely an eloquent speaker in his profession, but clearly an introvert.  During our phone discussion, he was […]

The Quiet Revolution Is Happening…

I participated in Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution webinar at work today.  I was actually very encouraged that the training department at my organization set this up to watch as a group.  There were nine of us attending the webinar.  During the webinar, Susan Cain talked about the Quiet Revolution, and discussed such things as the […]

Twitter and Introversion

I was late coming to Twitter as it seemed from the outside, 140 characters of “small talk” online.  Most of my life, I have not enjoyed small talk, so Twitter certainly did not seem appealing to me.  However, in a previous post I explained how I have come to the conclusion that small talk may […]

How Does The Stigma End?

If you are here reading this, you’ve probably been called quiet, or shy, or been passed over for something, or felt out of place in a group, or maybe people think you are different, just because you like to keep your private life private. You may have felt that something was wrong with you because […]