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Time Management Tips for Introverts

As an introvert, and one with an overwhelming amount of work and interests, I often find myself with a massive to-do list. I always have so many things I need and want to accomplish in both my professional life and in my personal life, and there never is enough time.  I’ve been doing quite a bit […]

The Open Office Space

A few years ago, upper management came strolling through our area and had the brilliant idea to follow the current trend of an open office space, by lowering the cubicle walls and making the individual areas smaller.  The open office, made popular by companies like Google and Facebook, sounded like a great idea to them […]

Introverts – Don’t ask IF, but ask HOW!

This past week, I gave a two-hour workshop to a large group. I think it went very well and was well received by the participants. I had a great time! I did a lot of preparation leading up to the workshop and that was the key to my success. As an introvert, I need to […]

Prepare With a Weekly Review

I highly recommend David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD).  While the book was not specifically written for introverts,  I found it very helpful as I try to accomplish many things each day.  According to Allen, it’s important to get our minds clear by regularly capturing those things we need to get done and make a plan.  As […]

Introverts & Leadership

Can introverts make great leaders?  Of course! For me, this is not even a question.  I believe the better question to the introverted leader is, “What are your natural gifts and how can you use these to lead?”   As an introvert, I’ve found that I need to be true to myself. As a leader, this means using […]

Leadership Check In

I’ve spent several years in management over a large department with many employees. As an introvert, I’ve found that sometimes it’s a challenge to connect individually with staff members – especially when there are a lot of them and you have many other responsibilities that take you out of the office.  I am not a […]

Quiet Time for All

I have come to realize as an introvert that time alone to think at work is essential.  As the supervisor of a large department, I don’t normally have this time alone unless I come in early, stay late, or come in on the weekends.  I do these things, but I can’t nor do I want […]

Declare yourself and your expectations

I am becoming more and more aware of my strengths as a leader and at the same time, my blind spots. As an introvert I am constantly thinking, making connections, and pondering ways to make things better. Since my mind is always going, I know exactly where I am headed and where I want to […]

Only Calm On The Outside

I supervise a large staff, and recently a few members of my team have been getting upset about a couple issues at the office with other co-workers.  I have been assuring them that the issues were being handled, but this did not seem to help them let go.  Sometimes when emotions are running high, rather than […]

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

As an introvert and an introverted leader, I find that it is a constant battle to be understood.  One example is that I have far more work to do than I am able.  As a result, I am in my office for long periods of time trying to keep up and get ahead.  Because I’m […]