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Quiet Confidence

Lack of confidence can be either an introverted or an extroverted issue.  People often associate confidence with extroversion, but many introverts also have a great deal of confidence. Unfortunately, many introverts also experience a lack of confidence, particularly in social situations. As an introvert, I have struggled with confidence myself at various times in my […]

Overcoming Shyness as an Introvert

I have written much about the fact that introversion and shyness are not the same.  After all, you can be shy as either an introvert or extrovert, as shyness is more about your confidence (or lack thereof) than about how you interact with the world. The truth is I was shy.  In my case, I […]

Introverted, But Not Shy

Introverted does not mean shy.  You can be a shy introvert or a shy extrovert. Being “shy” is a result of your confidence (or lack of confidence), but being introverted or extroverted is a description of how you process information (internally or externally) and how much time you spend “inside your head,” among other things. […]

Fake It ’til You Make It?

  I’m getting tired of reading or hearing people say that sometimes they “fake” being an extrovert. I actually think this is harmful as this is suggesting that extroverts can do things that introverts can’t. I also hear people say “well, I’m both an introvert and an extrovert” as if it’s some kind of safe […]

Formerly Shy, Now Happily Introverted

I used to be shy when I was younger. Now, I’m happily introverted. Early on in my journey, I read several books on shyness to try to “fix” whatever it was that I thought was wrong with me. Unfortunately, the books I read on shyness really did not help me at all. Looking back now, […]