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Used To Be An Introvert?

Have you ever heard someone say that they used to be an introvert, but now they are an extrovert? They have learned to be more social and now they are “cured” of introversion. Or maybe the other way around… They used to be more extroverted and now are more introverted since they like to spend […]

Don’t Feel Guilty About Free Time

I spent this past week on vacation.  The first part was over the holiday weekend, hanging out with our extended family in the mountains.  It was fun to catch up with family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Although I enjoy traveling and seeing everyone, it’s really not relaxing to me.  I’m at a point in my […]

Planning Your Recharge

I am not an introvert because I need to recharge.  I need to recharge BECAUSE I’m an introvert. I believe that being a deep thinker is what is at the heart of my introversion.  I turn inward to thought more often than not. This is how I naturally process – internally rather than externally. So […]

Energized by people?

I had the best time this past weekend. I spent the afternoon hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world, my siblings. As an introvert, I have said that all people don’t drain me, just certain people and situations do. In this case I was not drained, but quite the opposite I […]

Solitude Is Not Selfish

I have discovered that as an introvert, I need some alone time.  It can be hard to find this time with a busy family and work life.  So one of my goals this year is to make some time to “get clear.” I woke up early this morning to enjoy some solitude and not long […]

Energized by Thinking

  I have been giving the “need for recharge” among introverts much thought.  Many say that extroverts get energy through people-interaction and introverts need some solitude away from people, because, in fact, it is people that are draining the introvert’s energy.  In a previous article, I have explained that an introvert’s desire to be alone […]

When Do You Need to Recharge?

I am still on vacation and spent ten hours today at an indoor amusement park with my kids – video games, go-karts, bumper cars, mini roller coasters, etc. There were a lot people there since many schools are out this week.  The kids had a great time and they were not tired until the place was closing. […]

It Will Still Be There When You Get Back

Getting ready to leave the office for some vacation days can be stressful when you have a lot of work still undone. Normally, I get all the necessary tasks finished before I leave for vacation. This time, it didn’t work out that way.  A friend of mine said to me, “It will still be there when you […]

Take Time For Yourself

I believe that our greatest happiness comes from serving others. However, it is very important that we take time to take care of ourselves so that we can actually serve others better.  I like the way Steve Chandler puts it in his book, Fearless: “It takes courage to put yourself first.  We’ve been shamed for […]

No Time To Think!

It’s Friday and it’s been a busy week. The kids have started school and sports practices, and work has been extra demanding as well. So I’m struggling at the moment to think of something brilliant to post. And now I’m thinking to myself, that’s exactly the point. I haven’t had time to think about what […]