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A Little Patch of Blue

I was feeling overwhelmed on a particularly dark and cloudy day.  Even though it was late in the morning, it almost appeared to be dark outside.  It was very depressing as I was feeling the same way on the inside.  There was so much going on in my life and these dark clouds just added […]

Don’t Feel Guilty About Free Time

I spent this past week on vacation.  The first part was over the holiday weekend, hanging out with our extended family in the mountains.  It was fun to catch up with family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Although I enjoy traveling and seeing everyone, it’s really not relaxing to me.  I’m at a point in my […]

Quiet Confidence

Lack of confidence can be either an introverted or an extroverted issue.  People often associate confidence with extroversion, but many introverts also have a great deal of confidence. Unfortunately, many introverts also experience a lack of confidence, particularly in social situations. As an introvert, I have struggled with confidence myself at various times in my […]

Choose Not To Be Overwhelmed

Recently a friend has been stressed with the amount of work he has to do, “The emails never end, these deadlines are too tight, and there is no way to get all of my work done.”  Listening to him starts stressing me out.  However, I could say the same about my work.  I also have an endless […]

Keep Your Mind Clear

I am a big fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD).  The GTD system has been very helpful for me as a way to look at what I have to do and get things organized into next steps.  I am not perfect at it and am forever tweaking it to work for me personally.  […]

Overcoming Fear

I have a YouTube video playing in the background as I am sitting here at my computer.  It is on overcoming fear, an ongoing goal of mine.  I have overcome many fears in the past few years and I am making progress toward overcoming others. The video I’m watching is a compilation of great speeches […]

Challenge Those Negative Thoughts

I was asked to do a short training video and talk about the work I do at my company.  Just two or three minutes, so not a big deal.  I could have given the assignment to some one else, but I had not done this before so thought it would be a good experience. I […]

Introverts Worry

I believe that introverts worry more than extroverts. Worry exists in the mind, and as introverts, we spend more of our time there.  Some worry is normal and needed as human beings.  It is the excessive worry that I am working to free myself from.  I think, and think a lot. Most of the time, […]

Active Thinking vs. Passive Thinking

As introverts, perhaps we have our “thinking caps” turned on to high a little more than the rest of the world. But sometimes, especially when we have a problem or project we need to think through, we need to turn off our thinking. Stop coercing our brains to come up with an answer for a […]

Changing The World Starts With a Thought

Our thoughts are so powerful. As an introvert, you have great ideas and ideas of how things can be great.  Don’t give up on these just because others may not be able to see things the way you do.  Keep going.  Keep writing, discussing, and pushing for the exceptional world that you see in your […]