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Introvert, Extrovert, or a Little of Both?

The recent launch of my book, Minding Your Time, has generated a lot of conversation among family and friends.  Some of them are introverts and some are extroverts.  Some were aware of their strengths and some not.   I was even told by an extrovert that the book helped her learn more about her own extroversion and also […]

What Are Your Goals For 2018?

As the year winds down, it’s often a time for reflection and a time to look ahead to the next year.  Are you living the life you want? How did this year go? Did you get closer to reaching your goals? Where and who do you want to be next year at this time?  I […]

A Man of Few Words

In a meeting with someone the other day, I thought I was carrying on my share of the conversation.  There was much back and forth discussion.  As we were finishing up our meeting, the person said to me that I was a man of few words. I was taken back at first as it felt […]

Not only am I ok, but I have a brilliant idea!

Are you OK? Have you ever been asked this question when everything is fine?  And did you think that you appeared fine? I was at a workshop on a topic that was very interesting to me.  I thought I was contributing plenty to the conversations both for the large group and at my table.  On […]

Worst Advice for Introverts

I am getting so tired of hearing the advice to introverts to “pretend to be an extrovert sometimes.”  The truth is that I have unsuccessfully tried to do just that for most of my life.  It was not until I understood my introversion that I started really moving toward the success in life I was […]

Introversion and Extroversion Not Good or Bad

There seems to be a tendency to think of personality traits such as introversion or extroversion as either “good” or “bad.”  The truth is that personality traits come naturally to us, they’re not something we can change, and one is not better than another.  Each of us need to learn about our own personality types […]

Best job for introverts?

I know a guy  that works a behind the scenes job in a large IT department keeping the computer systems running for his company.  In his position he has relatively little interaction with others.  A perfect job for an introvert, right?  Actually, although I am an introvert, I think his position would not have enough people interaction for […]

Introversion – Not that there is anything wrong with that

Last week my wife’s sister read my article “A Coupon for Your Favorite Introvert”. In the article I talk about my introverted wife  and my extroverted daughter.  After reading it, my sister-in-law texted my wife: “I always thought you were an extrovert, not that there’s anything wrong with being an introvert.” I haven’t spoken to […]

I am NOT “Pretending” to be an Extrovert

When I was young, I loved to pretend. Imagining I was a superhero or a cowboy or a space alien helped me explore who I was and who I wanted to become. As an adult, and as an introvert, I have also done my fair share of pretending to be something other than who I […]

The Power of a Great Quote

    We become what we think about. –Earl Nightingale   I have always been fascinated with the reasons why some people are successful and some people are not.  I believe that much of our success comes in the thoughts that we think.   Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re […]