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The Open Office Space

A few years ago, upper management came strolling through our area and had the brilliant idea to follow the current trend of an open office space, by lowering the cubicle walls and making the individual areas smaller.  The open office, made popular by companies like Google and Facebook, sounded like a great idea to them […]

Best job for introverts?

The other day I saw a guy at work that I don’t see very often.  I met him in a new employee orientation many years ago.  He has a very behind the scenes job in the IT department keeping the computer systems running for the company.  A perfect job for an introvert, right?  Actually, although […]

Balance of Quiet

I spent another Saturday in the office.  The office was closed, so I was all alone and it was nice and quiet.  I have had a project to put together that was very important, but in my day-to-day work, there always seemed to be more pressing matters.  My boss was after me to get this […]

Leadership Check In

I’ve spent several years in management over a large department with many employees. As an introvert, I’ve found that sometimes it’s a challenge to connect individually with staff members – especially when there are a lot of them and you have many other responsibilities that take you out of the office.  I am not a […]

Quiet Time for All

I have come to realize as an introvert that time alone to think at work is essential.  As the supervisor of a large department, I don’t normally have this time alone unless I come in early, stay late, or come in on the weekends.  I do these things, but I can’t nor do I want […]

Love When Meetings End Early

I attend many meetings at work everyday.  Sometimes they are back to back for the entire day.  It is a little frustrating as typically I am getting more and more to do at these meetings and not getting any work done because of the meetings. Most calendars, such as those in Google or other places, […]

Recognizing Our Introverted Needs

In a previous post, I have written about the open office space and how I feel that sometimes it is not the most optimal environment to get work done. There are many occasions when we need uninterrupted time to get projects done, especially as introverts.  This need is not always acknowledged.  I work in a […]

Preparation is Key

I believe that one of the keys to strength as an introvert is preparation. An introvert goes deep in thought and, given time, can come up with some brilliant ideas.  That is not to say that they cannot come up with great ideas on the fly, because they can.  I just know from experience that […]

Six Ways to Find Your Voice and Be Heard at Work

I attended a workshop on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator a few years ago.  Something that really stuck with me from that workshop was that introverts think and then speak, and extraverts speak to think.  And since that time, I have observed this in action over and over again.  As an introvert, I have often found […]

Does Brainstorming Work?

Is brainstorming effective? Some say yes, and some say no. In my own experience, I’ve seen it be effective in some instances, while being a huge FAIL other times. I know that for me, it usually doesn’t work well in large groups, especially if it’s just people talking. Often just a few people dominate the […]