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Introverted, But Not Shy

Introverted does not mean shy.  You can be a shy introvert or a shy extrovert. Being “shy” is a result of your confidence (or lack of confidence), but being introverted or extroverted is a description of how you process information (internally or externally) and how much time you spend “inside your head,” among other things. […]

Presentation Tips for Introverts

I am giving a presentation at a conference later this week.  I am looking forward to it.  Even though I am an introvert, I really do enjoy giving presentations and public speaking.  I have come to realize that, while I’m not someone who can “wing it,” if I am prepared, have expertise, and passion for […]

Challenge Those Negative Thoughts

I was asked to do a short training video and talk about the work I do at my company.  Just two or three minutes, so not a big deal.  I could have given the assignment to some one else, but I had not done this before so thought it would be a good experience. I […]

Six Ways to Find Your Voice and Be Heard

I attended a workshop on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator a few years ago.  Something that really stuck with me from that workshop was that introverts think and then speak, and extroverts speak to think.  And since that time, I have observed this in action over and over again.  As an introvert, I have often found […]

The Invisible Struggles of Introverts

I continue to be amazed by the struggles that are all around us that we do not even know about. Yesterday, someone I know well thanked me for my blog post on public speaking.  He had done what I suggested and felt more at ease with a recent speech he gave.  I shared with him that […]

The Quiet Revolution Is Happening…

I participated in Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution webinar at work today.  I was actually very encouraged that the training department at my organization set this up to watch as a group.  There were nine of us attending the webinar.  During the webinar, Susan Cain talked about the Quiet Revolution, and discussed such things as the […]

Change Your Comfort Zone

  I have always HATED the expression “you need to get out of your comfort zone.”  If you have had challenges, such as shyness or fear of public speaking, you probably have spent your life getting out of your comfort zone.  The problem is that if you don’t change your thinking about how scary something […]

Public Speaking

  When I was younger, I had a terrible fear of public speaking.  I would agonize before and sometimes after.  There would be a shakiness in my voice and my knees, along with a dry mouth.  I have come a long way since then and have given many successful public speeches in a variety of […]