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Don’t Fear The Struggle

Why does my house always seem to know when I get a little extra money?  I received a very needed tax refund and sure enough, both the water heater and the dryer went out in the same week.  I was counting on this money for a different purpose but now the whole amount is going […]


I truly believe there is greatness in all of us.  We just need to be reminded of this… sometimes over and over again.  And we need to not listen to the voices that encourage people to just get by or survive, as if that is all there is.  We are meant to THRIVE! Are you an […]

Choose Not To Be Overwhelmed

Recently a friend has been stressed with the amount of work he has to do, “The emails never end, these deadlines are too tight, and there is no way to get all of my work done.”  Listening to him starts stressing me out.  However, I could say the same about my work.  I also have an endless […]

Overcoming Fear

I have a YouTube video playing in the background as I am sitting here at my computer.  It is on overcoming fear, an ongoing goal of mine.  I have overcome many fears in the past few years and I am making progress toward overcoming others. The video I’m watching is a compilation of great speeches […]

Preparing For The Unfamiliar

I was driving my wife downtown to help her set up a booth at an event she was doing for her company.  She turned to me and let me know she was glad I was driving.  She said that she had not been downtown much and did not know her way around. I on the […]

Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

The other day I was headed from one building to another to give a presentation.  As I was walking, I was filled with dread…  I was dreading a couple hours of interaction with people that I had barely met.  I caught myself in the middle of this negative thinking.  In reality, I really enjoy giving […]

Formerly Shy, Now Happily Introverted

I used to be shy when I was younger. Now, I’m happily introverted. Early on in my journey, I read several books on shyness to try to “fix” whatever it was that I thought was wrong with me. Unfortunately, the books I read on shyness really did not help me at all. Looking back now, […]

Change Your Comfort Zone

  I have always HATED the expression “you need to get out of your comfort zone.”  If you have had challenges, such as shyness or fear of public speaking, you probably have spent your life getting out of your comfort zone.  The problem is that if you don’t change your thinking about how scary something […]