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Focus on the Important

As this year winds down, I find myself thinking what still has to be done in 2016 and what can wait until 2017. I have so many things to accomplish both at work and at home. I have discovered that no matter how hard I work or how organized I am, it is impossible to get everything […]

Making Time To Plan

This has been an extremely busy week with work and then the weekend came with various family activities and obligations – my parents came to visit, I had a campout with my son, I had a presentation to prepare for, and then spent time with family on Mother’s Day.  Overall,  I really have not had […]

Making That Time To “Get Clear”

I have had a relaxing two weeks off from work spending the holidays with family.  As an introvert, I have really learned to value vacation time as an opportunity step back from my busy work life and get some clarity.  I have used this time to reflect on my goals for this coming year. A lofty goal […]