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What are your strengths?

I was having a conversation with a negative person today and she was complaining about others, especially others that were not like her.  She definitely has some good qualities, but also has her weaknesses, just like we all do. But speaking with her got me thinking how important it is to recognize the positive in people […]

Hold Your Ground in Conversations

Often in conversations or meetings, as introverts we need time to think.  Sometimes our silence while thinking is misinterpreted that we don’t have anything to say.  In her book, Introvert Power, Dr. Laurie Helgoe says in these situations we must “hold our ground”. Dr. Helgoe says: “While the introvert is reflecting on the question (thinking […]

Let Your Work Do The Talking

Thankfully, it’s been a while since I’ve had to go on a job interview.  In the past, I was not very good at talking about myself and showing my talents and strengths during an interview. As a result, there have been plenty of jobs I didn’t get. However, in every single job I have had, […]

Checkers or Chess?

I recently came across an article by Marcus Buckingham on the Harvard Business Review. I loved his analogy of how “average managers play checkers and great managers play chess.”  In checkers, all the pieces have the same moves, the same opportunities, the same strengths. In chess, however, each piece has its own unique abilities/moves and […]

Introverts Parenting an Extroverted Child

Last week I wrote about parenting an introverted child.  I happen to know what it is like to be an introvert so understanding him comes easy to me.  However, my introverted wife and I at the same time are coming to understand the needs of also parenting an extroverted child (we actually have TWO of these). […]

Parenting an Introverted Child

I have been giving much thought to what it takes to be a good parent, especially when it comes to parenting an introverted child. Introversion is Not About the Label I am an introvert myself and I am sure that one of my children is introverted as well.  This is not about a label, but […]

The Quiet Revolution Is Happening…

I participated in Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution webinar at work today.  I was actually very encouraged that the training department at my organization set this up to watch as a group.  There were nine of us attending the webinar.  During the webinar, Susan Cain talked about the Quiet Revolution, and discussed such things as the […]

Twitter and Introversion

I was late coming to Twitter as it seemed from the outside, 140 characters of “small talk” online.  Most of my life, I have not enjoyed small talk, so Twitter certainly did not seem appealing to me.  However, in a previous post I explained how I have come to the conclusion that small talk may […]

Introverted Leadership – Interruptions or Opportunities?

Photo courtesy of Fotochromo I was listening to the radio on the way home from work the other day and my ears perked up as I heard Doug Conant speak about his book TouchPoints that he co-authored with Mette Norgaard. Conant described himself as an introvert on this radio program, which of course grabbed my attention. […]

Not All Introverts Are Alike

  I have known my wife for more than half of my life.  We are both introverted, but there are many differences between us.  This understanding has actually been helpful for me over the last few years as I have come to understand and come to terms with my introversion. If people that meet us had […]