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The Dreaded Telephone 2

I wrote previously in The Dreaded Telephone article, that I would prefer to text or email or even have a face to face conversation rather than talk on the phone.  I really didn’t like talking on the phone when I was younger, but now as an adult, I have mostly overcome that anxiety and do […]

Emails, Introverts, and Extroverts

As an introvert, my preferred method of communication is in writing.  I do a lot of emailing, texting, and instant messaging.  I like to think first and then communicate, so these methods work well most of the time. Sometimes it is easier, faster, or better in certain situations to pick up the phone or go […]

The Dreaded Telephone

As an introvert, I grew up not enjoying talking on the phone.  I am still trying to figure out why.  Fortunately, early in my professional career, email became widespread.  And then, a few years later, I loved when texting came along.  I think I prefer to email and text over talking on the phone for […]