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What Are Your Goals For 2018?

As the year winds down, it’s often a time for reflection and a time to look ahead to the next year.  Are you living the life you want? How did this year go? Did you get closer to reaching your goals? Where and who do you want to be next year at this time?  I […]

Introverted Confidence

Confidence (or self-confidence) comes when you believe that you have great value, much to offer, and are worthwhile in your uniqueness.  Are you a confident introvert?  If not, this is something you can change.  You can gain confidence in your worth and uniqueness and the gifts you have to offer the world.  Sometimes introverts may […]

Networking, Introverted Style

  I attended a conference for work this past week.  I was looking forward to the speakers and presentations and perhaps seeing some old friends.  I hung out a little with an extroverted friend of mine and realized some important differences.  She was there to connect with many people, both old friends and new.  I […]

You Don’t Seem Like an Introvert

I recently attended a retirement celebration for a psychologist friend of mine. She spoke of how she used to be an introvert, but she could not remain as an introvert for long in the organization she worked for. Soon after, I was listening to a radio psychologist who said that he was an introvert, but […]

Strengths Don’t Change

I was in a meeting this week that started with “introductions.”  Everyone was supposed to give an interesting fact about themselves.  For some reason I always dread this.  Maybe I don’t like to pinpoint just one thing that defines me, and I certainly don’t like to talk about myself.  So to keep things moving, I said […]

Introverts – Don’t ask IF, but ask HOW!

This past week, I gave a two-hour workshop to a large group. I think it went very well and was well received by the participants. I had a great time! I did a lot of preparation leading up to the workshop and that was the key to my success. As an introvert, I need to […]

Are You An Introvert?

As I have more and more discussions about introversion, I am finding that many introverts don’t identify with the term introversion.  After all, aren’t introverts shy, strange, or aloof?  Of course, no matter the perception, these are not what makes one an introvert.  Here are some of the defining characteristics of introversion that I have found […]

Building Relationships

As an introvert who naturally spends more time in my head than not, I have often been misunderstood and have had some difficulty building relationships. Over the years, I have made some considerable progress in being understood and valued and also gained skills in building relationships.  Most introverts value a few close relationships, where they […]

Overcoming Shyness as an Introvert

I have written much about the fact that introversion and shyness are not the same.  After all, you can be shy as either an introvert or extrovert, as shyness is more about your confidence (or lack thereof) than about how you interact with the world. The truth is I was shy.  In my case, I […]

Thoughts of an Introverted Father

Celebrating Father’s Day this year, I am reflecting on the father I am and the father I want to be.  I feel very fortunate to be married to my best friend who gets me and together we have three amazing kids.  It is also fascinating that all three kids are very different.  All three are […]