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Prepare With a Weekly Review

I highly recommend David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD).  While the book was not specifically written for introverts,  I found it very helpful as I try to accomplish many things each day.  According to Allen, it’s important to get our minds clear by regularly capturing those things we need to get done and make a plan.  As […]

Love When Meetings End Early

I attend many meetings at work everyday.  Sometimes they are back to back for the entire day.  It is a little frustrating as typically I am getting more and more to do at these meetings and not getting any work done because of the meetings. Most calendars, such as those in Google or other places, […]

Focus on More Efficient Meetings

As an introvert, I have been finding myself extremely bored in certain meetings lately. When the conversation does not seem relevant or exciting, my mind wants to be somewhere else. Today I found myself in a three hour meeting!  Luckily, it did not last the full three hours, but it was close.  I was not in charge […]