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Introversion – Nature vs Nurture

I was listening to a podcast on introversion this week and the subject of “nature versus nurture” came up.  The two psychologists were discussing this, and neither seemed to be sure if introversion was caused by nature or nurture. Here are a couple quick definitions from About Health: Nature refers to all of the genes […]

A Coupon for Your Favorite Introvert

This year for Christmas, my daughter made a coupon book for her mom. It was the sweetest thing! There were coupons for things like emptying the dishwasher, bringing a snack, bringing a drink of water, and cleaning up.  And there was a “leave me alone” coupon. If you know my introverted wife and my extroverted […]

Thoughts of an Introverted Father

Celebrating Father’s Day this year, I am reflecting on the father I am and the father I want to be.  I feel very fortunate to be married to my best friend who gets me and together we have three amazing kids.  It is also fascinating that all three kids are very different.  All three are […]

Talking Temperaments With Your Child

I was listening to the radio on the way to work this week and the guest was speaking about parenting.  She said something to the effect that parenting was the toughest yet most rewarding thing anyone could do.  I have often thought this since becoming a parent.  Parenting can also be difficult in the context […]

“Introverts are wonderful”

I was having a discussion with my wife on possible blog topics this week.  Out of the blue, my first-grade daughter said, “Let’s write ‘introverts are wonderful.’”  This was funny because she doesn’t really know what an introvert is (she is probably an extrovert) and she doesn’t actually understand what blogging is, either.  She just […]

Introverts Parenting an Extroverted Child

Last week I wrote about parenting an introverted child.  I happen to know what it is like to be an introvert so understanding him comes easy to me.  However, my introverted wife and I at the same time are coming to understand the needs of also parenting an extroverted child (we actually have TWO of these). […]

Parenting an Introverted Child

I have been giving much thought to what it takes to be a good parent, especially when it comes to parenting an introverted child. Introversion is Not About the Label I am an introvert myself and I am sure that one of my children is introverted as well.  This is not about a label, but […]