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Introverted Confidence

Confidence (or self-confidence) comes when you believe that you have great value, much to offer, and are worthwhile in your uniqueness.  Are you a confident introvert?  If not, this is something you can change.  You can gain confidence in your worth and uniqueness and the gifts you have to offer the world.  Sometimes introverts may […]

Understanding Introverted Strengths and Needs

I’ve been writing on introversion for a few years now.  My focus on Quiet and Strong is that by understanding your introversion, and your specific strengths and needs, you can be strong. By sharing my own needs and what makes me strong, my hope is that other introverts who are struggling or feeling less-than can find their […]

Strengths Don’t Change

I was in a meeting this week that started with “introductions.”  Everyone was supposed to give an interesting fact about themselves.  For some reason I always dread this.  Maybe I don’t like to pinpoint just one thing that defines me, and I certainly don’t like to talk about myself.  So to keep things moving, I said […]

Going Beyond The “Introvert” Label

Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? What do these mean to you?  It often seems that we just stop at the label or barely scratch the surface and don’t explore what the label really means.  I might hear someone making an excuse for something, saying “I’m a bit of an introvert.” Or maybe describing themselves as having the […]

Mind on Fire!

Have you ever felt like your mind was on fire?  Thoughts coming at you so fast and connections forming that you can hardly keep track of them? I woke up early with a work problem on my mind… A very complex problem.  A problem I have been considering for a long time.  I really could […]

Managing Weakness

I am a believer that we each have our own strengths, but we need to discover them and use them.  For some reason we each have our own unique set, and no one person has them all.  But when we let our weaknesses become our focus instead of our strengths, it’s harder to be strong.  […]

Embrace Your Introversion

I was doing some research this week on improving this website.  I want it to be easy to navigate and hopefully help people find the inspiration they are seeking, so I’m always working to improve QuietandStrong.com. I stumbled across PEEK and was offered a free user test of my website.  I signed up and a relatively […]

Introverted, But Not Shy

Introverted does not mean shy.  You can be a shy introvert or a shy extrovert. Being “shy” is a result of your confidence (or lack of confidence), but being introverted or extroverted is a description of how you process information (internally or externally) and how much time you spend “inside your head,” among other things. […]

Quiet IS Strong

The words quiet and strong are not a dichotomy.  I believe this now, but I did not always. I tried for many years to figure out how to be more like others and not be so “quiet”.  Ironically, I have discovered that the “quiet” part of me is what makes me strong.  I am a […]

Take Off The Mask

Halloween can be a great time to pretend to be something different and wear a mask. This can be a lot of fun. Hopefully the rest of the year, you are not wearing a “mask” but can feel comfortable with yourself. For many years, as I struggled with not understanding my own introversion, I wore […]