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The Open Office Space

A few years ago, upper management came strolling through our area and had the brilliant idea to follow the current trend of an open office space, by lowering the cubicle walls and making the individual areas smaller.  The open office, made popular by companies like Google and Facebook, sounded like a great idea to them […]

Do Not Disturb

I have been trying for some time to get my workload under control.  Our office (probably like yours) is understaffed and overworked, but as the manager, I still have to get done what I have to get done.  I have tweaked my system for organization over and over and have greatly improved my ability to […]

Balance of Quiet

I spent another Saturday in the office.  The office was closed, so I was all alone and it was nice and quiet.  I have had a project to put together that was very important, but in my day-to-day work, there always seemed to be more pressing matters.  My boss was after me to get this […]

Choose Not To Be Overwhelmed

Recently a colleague has been stressed with the amount of work he has to do, “The emails never end, these deadlines are too tight, and there is no way to get all of my work done.”  Listening to him starts stressing me out.  However, I could say the same about my work.  I also have an […]

The Myth of Multitasking

Image courtesy of Piotr Bizior, Bizior Photography I know people that are very proud of their ability to multitask.  However, as an introvert, multitasking does not work well for me.  I find that I work best and am most efficient when I can focus on one project at a time. The truth is that everyone […]

Growth and Progression are in the Struggle

I have learned this lesson over and over and could share many examples. Here’s just one example of how struggle has created growth: I’ve recently really learned how to best utilize my time. I have been with my organization for over ten years, and during this time, I have been given increasing responsibility.  I have studied […]