Happy Friday Everyone!

I am thinking today of those times that I have heard or said “I can’t wait until Friday” or “Glad its Friday” or “I hate Mondays”.

I am so happy to say that I no longer feel this way.  I love the work I am doing and do not dread it each week while waiting for the weekend.

Marcus Buckingham in Go Put Your Strengths to Work says that while there will always be some things in your work that you do not enjoy, your goal should be to work in your strengths at least 75% of your time.  When you are working in your strengths, you can lose track of time and feel energized by the work you are doing.

Are you not working at least 75% of your time in your strengths?  Buckingham also says:

“…we simply need to learn how to take our existing job and, each week, reshape it around our strengths–even in the face of interference from the world around us.  To do this, we need to master a new discipline, one that brings order and focus to a series of incremental moves.  Put this discipline into practice each week, and we will gradually, degree by degree, tilt the playing field so that the best of our job becomes most of our job.”

I have personally done this very thing in my own life.  It happened gradually just as Buckingham describes above.  As an introvert, I do excel at thinking about things.  As an example, I am very good at strategizing on how best to use resources and do more with less.  It started with putting a idea forward and being allowed to pursue it.  And then another idea and another.  This has resulted in spending most of my day working within my strengths.  Your strengths may not be the same as mine, but think about your own strengths.  What special talents do you possess as an introvert and how can you best put them to use?


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