Sometimes when I need a good dose of inspiration I go to YouTube and type in “motivation”.  Many short videos pop up.  There are scenes from movies with great speeches or the voice of various motivational speakers.

I just did this just now and a video called “Potential – Motivational Video 2014 – Motivation for Athletes…” appeared. (see above)  With scenes from the movie A Beautiful Mind playing in the background, the video starts with the voice of Les Brown stating, “The time for just wishing is past, the time for doing–that’s the time right now.  Time for acting on your dream.  Its time for you to look within yourself and decide that I’m in charge of my destiny.  I’m in charge here.”

Words like these can be very powerful and give that needed push to keep going and work toward your dreams, even while other voices might say you will never make it, or you’re not good enough, or don’t be ridiculous.


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