I changed my university major at least three times.  I was going to be an engineer because I was good at math, and then I thought I’d be a computer scientist because I knew they made great money.  I finally settled on Psychology, because of a great desire to help others and myself along the way.  I remember as a college grad looking through career books in search of “What to do with a degree in Psychology?” 

I remember reading about working in a “think tank.” This sounded great, but as I was lacking much experience there was very little chance of getting hired to work in a “think tank” at that time.  Many years and much experience later I do experience many think tank type experiences using expertise I have gained over the years. 

Matthew Kelly, author of Off Balance calls this being “in the room.”  It is very satisfying to be with intelligent people thinking through and solving problems, while coming up with innovative ideas.  You may not be ready to get your dream job yet, but the question you’ll need to answer is what do you need to DO to get there?

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