“What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I have learned this lesson over and over and could share many examples.

Here’s just one example of how struggle has created growth: I’ve recently really learned how to best utilize my time. I am now busier than ever.  I have studied various time management strategies to be able to accomplish more and more with the same (or sometimes less) resources and time.  However, just when I think I am getting things done, I get more to do.  Through this struggle, I have become so much better at prioritizing and “getting things done.”  I look back at when I was younger and the relatively little responsibility I had then, compared to now where I have so much more responsibility, but I am able to get so much more accomplished.

I have learned that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything “done” the way I would like to.  I highly recommend David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.”  In this book, Allen discusses how you have to turn your “to do’s” into “next actions”.  And then as you look at these actionable steps, you must decide if you should “delete it, do it, delegate it, or defer it”.

Allen also introduces a “someday/maybe file” to put those ideas into that you cannot do now, but may be able to in the future.  This someday/maybe concept is great for someone like me, who has far more ideas than time to do them.

Through struggle and effort, you can increase your capacity and your ability to become more in so many different ways.

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