My mind is always going.  I have ideas and ideas and more ideas. I have learned to capture these to clear my mind.  David Allen, author of Getting Things Done says “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”  If you can capture your free-flowing ideas, your mind can be clear to focus on your current project or to have more ideas.

There are so many great ways to capture ideas. You can do the old-school pen and notebook. My young son has a hard time going to sleep at night as there are so many ideas in his head. He wants to be an inventor when he grows up, so he has a notebook to write down his invention ideas. This helps him quiet his thoughts so he can go to sleep — and you never know, someday those ideas might be worth millions.  So might yours!

As I’m often on the go, I like to use Evernote to capture ideas that can be accessed on my phone, my work computer or my personal computer. Here’s another strategy when you’re on the go… On my drive home from work, it’s common that ideas pour into my head.  I call myself (hands free of course) and leave myself a message for the next day. If you’re not driving, you could also send a text to your e-mail to review later.

Whatever your method, it’s especially important for introverts to record those never-ending ideas in some form, so you can get them out of your head concentrate on whatever needs your focus at the time.

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