I hear it often said that introverts prefer spending time alone or in small groups with only a close knit group of friends.  While there is some truth here, I think it is a huge myth that introverts are always like this.  Personally, I need some time alone and I do enjoy hanging out with people I know well.  However, I also like to form new connections and meet new people.

But, as an introvert, forming new relationships has not always come easy to me.  I have learned and am still learning many new ways to make connections with people.  One of these strategies is to learn and remember people’s names. I know people who always know everyone’s name – from the first time they meet them. You probably know people like this too. For me, if I don’t make the extra effort, it would take several introductions for me to remember a name.

Dale Carnegie in How to Win Friends and Influence People says “Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language”.  I know that when someone I don’t know very well uses my name it shows that they know who I am.  As human beings, we like the sound of our own names. Remembering names does not come natural to me, so I need to make extra effort to put names into my head.  Carnegie also says that no matter the person or his or her station in life, using “the name will work magic as we deal with others”.

Even as an introvert, one still wants and needs to connect with new people for a variety of reasons. Remembering names (and using them) is a great place to start building those new relationships.


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