I have known my wife for more than half of my life.  We are both introverted, but there are many differences between us.  This understanding has actually been helpful for me over the last few years as I have come to understand and come to terms with my introversion.

If people that meet us had to guess, I think most people would guess I was an introvert and that she was an extrovert.  For example, she doesn’t appear to have a problem with small talk, and I think the casual observer would agree.  However, I know she doesn’t enjoy it, but this is only because we have been discussing and analyzing introversion together a lot lately.

She also has the small group of friends common among introverts and she is very happy with this.  I tend to want a larger group of friends than she does.

It is interesting that, as I am writing this blog, we are having even more conversations and getting to know each other even better.  As I am typing this right now and trying to talk to her from across the room, I am getting irritated that she is not answering right away.  What is really happening is she is deep in thought working on something else and I should be understanding and not annoyed at all.


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