If you are here reading this, you’ve probably been called quiet, or shy, or been passed over for something, or felt out of place in a group, or maybe people think you are different, just because you like to keep your private life private. You may have felt that something was wrong with you because you’re not the life of the party. Over the years, I’ve come to understand myself better. I have come to realize that being an introvert isn’t about a label. It’s about understanding how you function and learning how to work with your individual strengths. But there are still many people, both introverts and extroverts, that see the term introvert as a negative label.

I mentioned before that my blog has opened new conversations with family and friends in the short time that I have been writing.  Someone recently asked how we end the stigma attached to introversion.  I think they wanted a simple answer, but of course, there is no simple answer.  I did say that I am trying to do my part to increase understanding by blogging and working on my first book.  As I look around at many great blogs, websites, Facebook and Twitter posts, books, and YouTube videos on this subject, I am very encouraged.  I love the way Susan Cain puts it as the “Quiet Revolution.

Certainly there are introverts among us who struggle with finding their place, and we all need to support them. But we also must convince others that introversion is not good or bad, but it just is.  Every person, whether introverted or extroverted, has unique gifts and strengths that need to be understood, nurtured, supported, and celebrated.

So get out there and “Embrace your introversion or embrace an introvert!”

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