I was late coming to Twitter as it seemed from the outside, 140 characters of “small talk” online.  Most of my life, I have not enjoyed small talk, so Twitter certainly did not seem appealing to me.  However, in a previous post I explained how I have come to the conclusion that small talk may have not been interesting to me for its own sake, but can be a great tool to build relationships.  Twitter can be a great way for introverts to build the deeper relationships and find deeper conversations that they crave.

Another reason introverts have trouble with “small talk” is they often need a little time to think before speaking.  With Twitter, you can take the time you need.  I have just started, but I am enjoying Twitter now. It is also fairly easy to find those topics you are most interested in and you can have ongoing and deeper conversations.  Come find me on Twitter at @quietandstrong and join the conversation.

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