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I’m getting tired of reading or hearing people say that sometimes they “fake” being an extrovert. I actually think this is harmful as this is suggesting that extroverts can do things that introverts can’t. I also hear people say “well, I’m both an introvert and an extrovert” as if it’s some kind of safe zone. They seem to be thinking that this way, they don’t really have to label” themselves as an introvert because they’ve bought into a certain stigma.

Introversion is naturally turning inward to process information, thinking before we speak, and perhaps needing some alone time to recharge. If you really understand what is at the core of your introversion, then you can learn how to use your strengths to work around your weaknesses.  If you are learning to socialize more, it’s not that you are acting more “extroverted,” it’s that you have more self-awareness of how to maneuver social situations and have gained confidence in your ability.

To me, I know I’ll always be an introvert, but I’m learning to be my best. I’m always going to need time to think about things. And, no matter what,  I’m never going become an extrovert in 7 easy steps!

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