Most of my life I have worried far too much. In a previous post, Minimizing or Eliminating Worry, I mentioned that introverts may worry more than extroverts because we spend so much time in our heads.  Definitely we can and need to change our thoughts to eliminate or reduce worry.  Another cure for worry I have found lately is being incredibly busy.  I have gotten so busy these days that I don’t have much time to worry.  I don’t recommend trying to become overwhelmed to eliminate worry, but it has been a nice bonus for me.

Turn your thoughts outward and serve someone else to help eliminate your own worry.

Perhaps a healthier way to get busy so you can stop worrying is to take a look around you and see how you can make someone’s else’s life better.  Maybe you can think of a way you can do something nice for someone else. For example, after a busy day, if my young daughter really needs some attention, I can stop what I’m doing and play Legos with her for a while.

Or if you notice someone having a hard day, maybe you could bring them a treat.  Perhaps bringing a treat may not be your style, but even just saying “hello” with a smile can brighten someone else’s day.  If we’re thinking about someone else just a little more, we spend less time thinking of ourselves.

Try and turn your thoughts outward sometimes to be of service to someone and see if some worry goes away.

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