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Thankfully, it’s been a while since I’ve had to go on a job interview.  In the past, I was not very good at talking about myself and showing my talents and strengths during an interview. As a result, there have been plenty of jobs I didn’t get. However, in every single job I have had, and there have been several throughout my career, I was promoted to some type of leadership position once my employers got to know me. The main reason for this is because I have always had a strong work ethic and always “think” about better ways to get things done. I work harder and smarter.

As an introvert, it often takes time to build relationships. It may take a little more effort for us because we aren’t “flashy” and don’t create scenarios that purposefully draw attention to ourselves.

I like this quote from Pulkit Arora in How Introverts Can Make It Big In The Office:

“The best weapon in an introvert’s arsenal is his performance. If you’re an introvert at the office, you should let your work do the talking. Let it speak for itself. You like to stay away from the spotlight, fine, but make sure that you put in your best efforts when it comes to work. All good offices will recognize good work and if you’re a dedicated go-getter then you will carve a niche for yourself despite being an introvert.”

I really have begun to understand my introversion, so now at this stage in my career, I have even more strategies to succeed at work and at job interviews… although it would be fine with me if I never have to interview for a job again. Long before I developed my strategies for introvert success, I had hard work on my side.  So wherever you are in your journey for self improvement, you can always work hard!

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