Why are some people so afraid of silence?  Why does it make some people so uncomfortable?

The ability to be still and listen has been diminished in our current society with constant stimulation from so many sources. We’ve been taught from childhood that constant noise is normal. But, as an introvert, enjoying a little silence while I think is part of what makes me strong.  My thoughts are my gift.

Silence is a source of great strength.  Lao Tzu

Sometimes, during conversations, I have learned to actually explain to people that I am thinking while we are talking, if I am sensing they are uncomfortable with the silence.  I also believe that one of the reasons introverts like to spend time with close friends is that one can have a deeper, more meaningful conversation with someone you are close to, and a close friend will accept some lulls in the conversation while introverts pause to think.

If someone is being quiet, consider giving them some time and allow them to express what is on their mind. Give me some time to think and I promise it will be worth it.



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