Once again I found myself at a conference with all of its expectations of small talk and networking.  I generally don’t like small talk, but I can do it, and I did do some.  I especially do not enjoy small talk when it comes to strangers that I know I will not likely see again. However, I participate in plenty of small talk in various settings and may even enjoy it depending on the people I am with.  But it is the deeper conversations about the meaning of life, why people behave as they do, and how to solve the “problems of the world” that I enjoy most.  I have scared away many people with these types of conversation.  So, why aren’t “small talkers” writing blogs on how they have to learn to put up with introverts’ deep thoughts? Just kidding… mostly.

Just for fun, I went on twitter and looked up #hatesmalltalk and there were a few things posted there, mostly by introverts.  Then, I looked up #hatedeepconversations.  I knew I would not find anything and, of course, I didn’t. It seems that people who don’t engage in deep conversations don’t give them a second thought.  Once again, I remind myself that there is nothing wrong with me.  I love the deep thoughts that come into my introverted head.  But I also need to remind myself that I do not need to apologize for who I am. I will still do plenty of small talk.  I will enjoy some and be tortured by some.  But it is also fine to avoid some as I did when I left the conference reception as soon as I had my fill of appetizers.


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