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I came across a great article by Rahul Sinha titled “Why introverts can be great leaders?”

My initial reaction was, why is there a question mark? About half the population is introverted and there are many great introverted leaders out there.  Introversion is still often misunderstood, but fortunately this is changing as more is being written and discussed.  Of course, an introverted and an extroverted person are going to bring different strengths to the organization.  Here is the list of introverted strengths that Sinha provided:

  • They are better listeners
  • They embrace solitude
  • Introverts are the wizards of preparation
  • Introverts challenge themselves
  • They emphasis on deepness
  • Introverts exhibits coolness

Sinha goes on to say: “Certainly, there are benefits to being an extrovert, but an introvert’s ability to hear others, planning, theorizing, organizing information, and thinking evidently has its own values!”

The above list is a good sampling of introverted leadership strengths.  We could add many more and not all introverts are alike – each will bring his or her own set of unique abilities.  As a leader, you will lead best when you use your natural abilities.  Of course you will have some weaknesses – and you may need to figure out how to compensate for them – but put your emphasis on what you really excel at. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. And, as you look at others, appreciate their natural abilities as well, whether you are leading them or they are leading you.

For me there is absolutely no question that introverts can make great leaders.  And the introverts that make the best leaders are those that know how to use and apply their natural strengths.


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