I am not afraid of flying, but I am afraid of airports.  I suppose “afraid” is not the right word, but airports — with all the security and timelines — make me anxious.  However, I took a quick trip to a conference last week and everything went well. I have been working on challenging my negative thoughts to reduce stress in this type of situation.  I left early so I could remind myself not to worry because there was plenty of time to catch my flight.  And, although no one likes to go through security and take off their shoes, belts, etc., I reminded myself that I had nothing to hide and it was really just a minor inconvenience.

Steve Chandler in his book Fearless has this to say about thoughts and fear:

“To understand the elimination of fear from my life, I must appreciate the role of thought.  Because every feeling — especially fear — begins with a thought.  And every thought causes a feeling.  Nothing else can cause a feeling.”

Challenging my thoughts like this allowed me to relax and enjoy the trip.  No matter what the situation, we can challenge our negative thoughts to reduce fear and anxiety, and create more positive experiences.


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